The Calperum

TERN Supersite

The Australian Landscape Trust is the host of a Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) Supersite, which is located on Calperum Station.  The Calperum Supersite is run by the Principal Investigator Prof. Wayne Meyer from the University of Adelaide, who is supported by Dr. Peter Cale (Deputy Investigator).

Terrestrial Ecosystem Research Network (TERN) Supersite

SuperSite Network began operations in 2009

The SuperSite Network began operations in 2009 with the Calperum site being constructed in 2011.   This network consists of ten sites that cover typical and important biomes in Australia.   SuperSites are intensive ecosystem observatories, which examine the status and processes of Australian ecosystems.   Each SuperSite comprises a main field site where standardised data sets  covering vegetation, faunal and biophysical components are collected; and a transect covering at least one topographical or ecological gradient representing the ecosystems within the focal biome.   For the Calperum Supersite this transect covers the Mallee to the Murray River floodplain and considers the relationship and dependencies between these ecosystems.

Used by external researchers

The data collected by the SuperSite program is stored in a centralised data repository that can be used by external researchers to answer a wide range of research questions on ecology, climate change and management.   The Supersite network therefore provides a unique opportunity for researchers to conduct local to national scale research by collaborating with a single or a collection of Supersites that provide long-term data on a wide range of research issues.