Calperum Station publications are available to be viewed online. For hard copies, please contact our office.

Calperum 2030 Strategic Plan

This plan shares our vision for Calperum Connect to 2030

CALPERUM CONNECT aims to build on the Australian Landscape Trust’s legacy of advocating the wise use of landscapes and best practice land management.

Our MISSION is to become a world leader in the management of landscapes by delivering highly valued education and engagement experiences that connect with our research and restoration programs.

Calperum Connect Masterplan 2030

Grow and strengthen collaborations with tourism operators and special event organisations to value add by offering a memorable experience for visitors to the region.

The aim is to deliver exceptional eco-tourism experiences at Calperum Station for visitors to the Riverland, including guided walks and safari style driving tours. With demand testing, product development and pilot tours underway, the next step is to engage with a targeted selection of tourism operators, develop administration, feedback and continual improvement practices, marketing, and promotion and delivery of tours.