Indigenous Programs

CULTURE MEETS ECOLOGY at Calperum Station with our ‘Calperum Connect: On Country’  program.  ‘On Country ‘ is and immersive, activity based educational program designed to allow students to better understand the relationship between ecology and culture.   The program sees Aboriginal facilitators and trained Ecologists working together to educate and inspire students about traditional Aboriginal culture and caring for our environment.   Activities are linked to the Australian School Curriculum, providing teachers with a meaningful, relevant and effective learning experience for their students.

 The best learning comes from interesting, relevant activities linked to theoretical context.  ‘On Country’ provides a combination of cultural learning experiences,  physical activities such as canoeing and cultural nature walks, opportunities for deep thinking and reflection, and of course a lot of FUN.

Programs can be tailored for specific age groups and educational requirements of each school, however all modules incorporate the theme of ‘Culture meets Ecology’.  Students will explore traditional methods of caring for country which are steeped in ancient knowledge and born of Aboriginal peoples’ deep connection and respect of the land. They will then relate this to current land management practices, using modern ecological knowledge of the ecosystems.