Enjoy the serenity
and stay with us

Spend some time exploring all Calperum Station has to offer and experience the magic for yourself by setting up camp in one of our campgrounds, or use our homesteads, cottages and dormitories.

Please note: Due to the recent flooding event in the Riverland, our accommodation bookings are currently not available. 

We were lucky enough to have Calperum Station recommended to us a few years ago and have been coming every year since. It has an incredible mix of things to see and do, and gives our extended family a chance to come together and enjoy each other’s company in a beautiful natural environment, away from the distractions of modern life.

- Jessica, St Morris, SA​



With a variety of waterside camping spots, guests can enjoy some of the best views Calperum Station has to offer. For those seeking more creature comforts, our homesteads and cottages can accommodate up to twelve guests and are ideal for retreats and special interest groups. Larger groups often chose to stay at Calperum’s dormitory with access to our camp kitchen, ablutions block, undercover classroom, and more.

Stay a night or two.

Our rustic accomodation.

Take advantage of the serenity and book your next getaway at Calperum Station. We offer a wide range of accomodation options perfect for all types of explorers. 

Whether casting a line in the golden late afternoon sun, paddling through serene backwaters as emus and kangaroos sip at the edge of the bank, watching giant monitor lizards strolling about the red gums, taking a bike ride through the scrub or building a hideout with the kids, there is always something enjoyable to do, for all ages. The best thing is settling down in the evening to a camp meal, sitting by the campfire and sharing stories about the day, and planning activities for tomorrow. The happy glow on everyone’s face is not just caused just by the embers of the fire!​

- Marg, Myponga​


New Experiences.

Calperum Station is the perfect spot to create your own unique experience. You can enjoy an educated walk with one of our experienced Ecologists to be immersed in the unique history and story of Calperum Station. 

If you are after a completely unique and bespoke Calperum Experience you can speak to one of our experienced team to plan your own adventure.