Reconnect & Relax

Camping at Calperum

Reconnect with your family and friends with your own secluded campsite alongside the beautiful backwaters and creeks of Calperum Station. Disconnect all devices and spend your days paddling along the water, bush walking or just taking in the views.

Take advantage of picturesque riverside campsites.

Bring your tinny and take a day trip to nearby Wilkadene Brewery and sample locally brewed beers from the banks of the mighty Murray before returning to your campsite to enjoy a BBQ and camp fire under a starry sky.

Despite feeling like you are in the deep outback - away from all the hustle and bustle - you are only ever a phone call or short drive to the office where Julie and her team are always willing to help make your stay more pleasurable, and Renmark is only 15 minutes away for ice or emergency supplies. Plus, the tracks about the place can take you to some great spots, by foot or wheel. There’s nothing like the Ol’ man Murray and this is the place to really soak it up!

- Peter, Basket Range

Rest and Relaxation

Camping along the beautiful Calperum creeks and river is becoming increasingly popular as a beloved family holiday destination.  Many families return year after year and tell of how much they look forward to ‘reconnecting’ at Calperum.  It’s a time for the kids to leave behind anything ‘electronic’, and a time for parents to take a break from today’s busy lifestyle.  From the stunning landscape to canoeing the waterways and enjoying visits from the local wildlife, every minute camping at Calperum is a family memory in the making.  We are located only 15 minutes (approx) from the town of Renmark, so break out the camp ovens, swags and fishing lines and make your way to Calperum Station.

Our Campsites Offer: