Calperum Experiences.

Explore Calperum Station on foot with one of our planned Ecology tours or be in charge of your own discovery by speaking with our team to book your own bespoke tour. Bespoke tours and retreats can be arranged for small or large groups, as well as schools or corporate organisations.  Added extras such as morning tea with our renowned Calperum Saltbush Damper can also be arranged.  

A package can be tailored to meet your requirements.

Bespoke tours and retreats can be arranged for small or large groups, as well as schools or corporate organisations.

The newly-developed indigenous and ecological informational walking tours reveal fascinating insights about the land’s rich history, much of which would be completely unknown to the average visitor. It’s also fantastic to see all the work that’s being done to help the property return to a more natural and traditional state, through feral pest and weed control, environmental watering, land management and maintenance​

- Abby, Mildura

Calperum Station Floodplain Tour

The Calperum Floodplain tour reveals the unique environmental, historical, and cultural wonders of Calperum Station.  Calperum rangers guide the tour in our vehicles, with several interesting and immersive stops along the way. Meet our ecologists and learn of the important research and restoration projects being conducted on the property. The tour visits Lake Merreti and Woolpolool, historical and cultural landmarks taking in the abundant flora and fauna of Calperum Station.  With a maximum of twelves guest the tour we also offer tag-along options in your own vehicle. 

Culture Meets Ecology Walk

Get up close and personal, walking the land with Calperum Station rangers and ecologists on the Culture Meets Ecology guided walk.  Enjoy the serenity of this special place, as you make your way along the gently winding creeks and floodplain tracks.  Learn of the history, ecology and cultural aspects of Calperum Station whilst experiencing the native plants and animals that call Calperum home. The walking trail gently winds along 5 kilometres of creek and wetland tracks and takes approximately 2 – 3 hours to complete.  Each walk can accommodate up to 20 people.

Calperum Retreats.
The perfect experience.

Weekend or mid-week retreats for special interest groups are a unique and distinctive way to experience Calperum Station.  Our varied accommodation options, tranquil bush setting, abundant wildlife and relaxed atmosphere lends itself to a variety of possibilities for your area of interest.  Whether you choose to self cater and facilitate the retreat, or prefer us to organise the lot, a package can be tailored to meet your requirements.   Talk to our team today to discuss your ideas. 

We can host: