the unique beauty of

Calperum Station

We welcome you to Calperum Station.
We acknowledge and show respect for the traditional custodians
whose ancestral lands we share.
We acknowledge and respect the deep feelings of attachment and relationship that Aboriginal people have with this country.

Despite feeling like you are in the deep outback - away from all the hustle and bustle - you are only ever a phone call or short drive to the office where Julie and her team are always willing to help make your stay more pleasurable, and Renmark is only 15 minutes away for ice or emergency supplies. Plus, the tracks about the place can take you to some great spots, by foot or wheel.  There’s nothing like the Ol’ man Murray and this is the place to really soak it up!

- Peter, Basket Range​​

Just minutes north of Renmark, South Australia

Totalling more than 337,000 hectares of rich and unique Mallee country, Calperum Station and Taylorville Station include breathtaking stretches of creeks, rivers and wetlands which provide habitat for a wide range of native flora and fauna.


Both Calperum and Taylorville have been declared as critical habitat for species conservation under Commonwealth legislation. Calperum Station is well-recognised as an internationally significant wetland system, making up approximately one third of the Riverland RAMSAR site. The property provides habitat to several rare and threatened species of wildlife such as the Black-eared Miner, Malleefowl and the Southern Bell Frog.   The stations lands, creeks, lakes and river also house many significant Aboriginal cultural sites.


Calperum’s range of accommodation options cater for a wide range of guests – from business and educational groups through to families and friends looking for a relaxing getaway. Choose from a dormitory, self-contained guest house or pick your own picturesque campsite overlooking a river or creek. Whatever the reason or budget there is an option to suit any traveller keen to experience the magic Calperum has to offer. Bookings are essential.  Please call to book your stay. 


The Calperum team includes ecologists, educators, volunteers, and a team of Aboriginal rangers who manage the landscape and property. Calperum is host to several significant scientific studies and environmental projects and is regularly visited by university, school and international students.